Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hello blogspot;

For a second, I thought I could at least post up few pics of my son.  But am terribly overwhelmed with everything that I could possibly relate to my jourrney of being a mommy.  Later maybe?  

No love can beat maternal love.  No kid. 

Alive & kicking, still.  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

real shit;

happened last 28th September 2011;
"Beloved" Empire Shopping Gallery  technically exploded (er...only a little part of the leftside of the building).  Friends, families, relatives SEMUA concern & ingat aku akan cuti lama.  Yeaaahhhhh right, no no no.  More shits happened... (Malas nak jelas further).

Rasanya cukuplah, perlu cari kerja lain.  Kerja impian yg aku gembar-gemburkan ni tak se-cool mana pun ye kawan2.  Sekarang saya ada Iman Dhani.  Cukup2 lah saya abaikan Robot Asmara.

Ini luahan ikhlas saya, sorry boss, I hate you. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

shits happened, it's just that i never tweet it;

The moment I decided to leave Bernama for current beloved Empire Shopping Gallery, I was full of determination & passion & was totally looking forward to pour in my heart & soul to the new job. And thus, that was all I did. Months to go for the wedding, I was still crazy over Empire Shopping Gallery. Till one fine night, after my usual weekends' meet up with my then fiance (now hubby) lead to another hang-up with his friend at one of Arabic Restaurant in Damai, I then out of sudden collapsed on the road. Yeah, unconsciously collapse & bang my face on the road. The details are quite too scary to be explain. Am still having a fake rabbit tooth up to today. Eating a crunchy apple would be a problem to me since then. At 1 point I was afraid the fake tooth would come out during labour, but it survive...fuhh...

Then we got married. I would like to pass all the family/preparation/chaos before/during after the ceremonies.

My then step-dad got prostate condition, he missed the reception in Kuantan. Sadly, my mom attended Kuantan's reception with her 2 cousin sisters ONLY. Yes, I would like to pass my family chronic panic relationship also.

Wedding receptions passed, meanwhile, I had to deal with long distance relationship with hubby, weekend husband & wife. Life was horrible. Too many screaming session. Last year (2010) Ramadhan, I got to know that I was pregnant.

I was a happy pregnant lady, hubby finally got permanently transferred to his main office in KL. Alhamdulillah. As am starting to mend my new family life, little I realized, mom was having problem with hers. I would like to pass the details of the problem too, hubby 1st raya with my family was quite sad. Enough said about that.

Early 2011, I was heavily pregnant, of all the dramas, ups & downs, my mom & then stepdad (now no relation at all) finally ended it. Their 17 years old marriage, end. Then mom is alone again, decided to go on with her life taking care of my 18 years old special down's brother (yeah, we have a special boy in our life all these while, we love him so much).

April 2011, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Iman Dhani. Unlike any other mother, it was quite difficult for me to cope up at first. Then I realized, am no mommy material but that doesn't mean I cannot try my very best to become one. Bond between a mom & a child grows inevitably incredible. Today, I dare to say, I cannot live without him, my child, my Iman.

Now, Ramadhan is here again, am a different person all over, my mom is a different person all over, our whole life is different all over, but we still survive pass, current & prepared for awaiting shits.

For more shits, till the next entry.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ramadhan ini;

Saya sedang berjuang.

Untuk teruskan niat suci susukan Iman Dhani.

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah rezeki buat anakku.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


usul kau kata aku sexist tu aku sangkal. sebab bila ianya keluar dari mulut ibu kau, nescaya kau takkan rasakan statement2 tu sexist. masalahnya, i think you people got issue cause bukan tanggungjawab perempuan untuk pening memikirkan ekonomi keluarga yg tak menentu, kena pikir tentang bil tertunggak sambil susukan anak, memang la susu tak keluar kan? so? jgn salahkan aku kalau kita terpaksa bagi anak susu tepung kelak. lelaki2 zaman sekarang mmg terlalu manja. sekian.

sehidup belum tentu semati;

"hidup saya susah", kata aku.


kesakitan aku terlalu aku tunjuk2kan mungkin, sampai kau rasa sakit itu tidaklah separah mana. hidup aku ni terlalu aku habis2kan dengan menuntut perhatian dari kau. sudahlah, aku letih.